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Svetlana Kirichuk M.D. is a highly experienced dermatocosmetologist with over a decade of practice. She serves a global clientele, spanning the United States, UK, Germany, France, UAE, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, and beyond. Additionally, she boasts a substantial Instagram following, with over 270k devoted followers.
Svetlana faced the challenge of managing her global patient base efficiently. Traditional methods, like using a notebook, were becoming increasingly impractical.

She needed a solution that provided advanced patient search capabilities, tracked medical records, and offered an integrated messenger for streamlined communication—all accessible on her smartphone. Simplicity was key; she wanted to avoid the complexity of computer-based CRM systems while maintaining ease of use.


To address the challenge, the Wild.Codes LAB team devised a solution involving two distinct mobile apps: one for the doctor (iOS) and one for patients (iOS and Android).

Our approach began with a deep dive by our UX and BA teams into patient service processes. We crafted a map of the future apps, outlining key modules and aligning with the client's vision.

Subsequently, we advanced to wireframe and UI design phases, culminating in a Figma clickable prototype for clear visualization and partner feedback.

In the development stage, parallel efforts were undertaken by teams working on Android and iOS applications, ensuring swift delivery and release.

Tech Stack

iOS (Swift)
Android (Kotlin)

Perfect-match team by wild.Codes

Senior  UX\UI designer
Senior  ios Developer
Senior  Android Developer
Senior Backed Developer
middle+ QA EXpert
Project manager  (part-time)
Business Analyst (part-time)
iOS\Android Developer
REact developer
DevOps engineer
Node.js developer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Data Science & ML
FuLLSTACK Developer
Java developer

Key Features

  • Quick and easy search through all doctor's patients.
  • All patient's medical records are in one place, it is simple both to create and edit them.
  • Scheduled messages and bulk messaging is a smart solution to ease doctor`s routine communication with the clients.
  • No need to remember patients' birthdays, as the app has an internal notifications center, notifying each time when clients celebrate their birthday, or when the new user joined the app.
  • Simple and friendly solution for doctor-to-patient communication based on app in-built messenger.
  • Easy way for patients to make a new appointment with the doctor.
  • Patient's data is secured with SMS one-time-password.

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