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Projects That Speak for Us

At Wild.Codes LAB, we don't just talk about great products.
We make them with our clients.


Introducing Artnership, a dynamic media startup based in the US on a mission to empower millions of creators worldwide to collaborate seamlessly and unlock endless possibilities for collective creativity.

Spring Studio

Spring Studio, a team of talented designers based in the US, reached out to Wild.Codes Lab for assistance in bringing their designs to life.

Hungry Hugger

Introducing Hungry Hugger, a Hong Kong-based startup with a delectable mission: to create a marketplace for all things food-related.


Tourzy is a platform that connects tourists with local individual tour guides who provide them with a unique travel experience.


KlearCard is a corporate spend control platform. App allows you to create virtual company cards to manage spending for specific categories, teams or projects.


eRenovate is designed to unite homeowners who would like to make renovations & verified contractors. Track your project thru each stage, see where things stand and stay in sync with your Pro


KRONOS is an intelligent solution for crypto portfolio management. It tracks all your assets and provides a smart analysis of your portfolio.

Dr. Kirinchuk

App for an individual cosmetologist that allows keeping track of patients' medical cards, schedule visits, and create planned notifications for them.

EXMO Voting

The voting platform for the cryptocurrency exchange. Vote with Retweets, Facebook Shares, or by sending cryptocurrency to the provided wallet.


Introducing FIVE, a vibrant social network and media startup based in the US, driven by the mission to connect true experts across diverse fields with individuals seeking insightful advice and consultation.


Crystals is the first of its kind all-in-one solution for the modeling industry.


Educational Platform that allows teacher-student collaboration via internal chat and homework module

Twice Named a
Top Development Company
in Ukraine

Recognized by Clutch, the foremost platform for IT service ratings, Wild.Codes LAB stands out for our industry expertise and delivery excellence. Our substantial presence in Ukraine's tech scene earned us this prestigious distinction.

We Build
Web, Mobile,
AI and Blockchain

We Build Web, Mobile, AI and Blockchain

All-in-One approach for exceptional results includes strategic planning, prototyping, UX/UI design, and development, we ensure seamless project execution, all under one roof.
We love to create software products throughout its full project lifecycle.
Step 1
Product Discovery
Step 2
Research & Planning
Step 3
Product Prototyping & UI Design
Step 4
Iterative Development
Step 5
Quality Assurance
Step 6
Launch & Maintenance
Frontend Developer
Data Science & ML
FuLLSTACK Developer
Java developer
Andrey Maevsky
Project management is exceptional and we felt they 'owned the product' and were very intimate with every step. This was helpful to not waste time during production. They're a young group that's very knowledgeable on the latest tech methods and efficient to provide solutions and execution.
Tom Cordeiro

Founder & CEO @ eRenovate Inc.

Andrey Maevsky
Wild.Codes took the time to understand us as a company so they could really identify what we wanted to achieve. What surprised us the most is that they cut off a list of "nice to have" features and simplified some tasks in order to save the budget. This is the first time I worked with a team that didn't try to upsell more features and increase the cost.
Giorgi Gulabyan

Founder & CEO @ VR-Inn

Win-Win Collaboration Process

1. Contact and First Proposal

Reach out to Wild.Codes LAB to initiate a discussion about your business needs and product vision. Share detailed information to allow us to tailor a bespoke solution and select the perfect team for your project. Within 3-5 working days, receive our preliminary approach and proposed solution.

2. Product Workshops with the Team

Engage in comprehensive workshops with your Wild.Codes LAB product team. We'll employ tools like Business Canvas, Product Canvas, User Story Mapping, and App Structure Mapping to deeply understand your vision and strategize product development.

3. UX/UI Design Phase

Taking insights from the workshops, we move into the UX/UI design phase. Initially, we create wireframes to outline the app's interface and functionality. Following wireframes, we refine the UI design by selecting brand colors, typography, and other design elements. This phase ensures the design clearly reflects all intended functionality before moving forward.

4. Final Development Proposal and Release Plan

With a solid UX/UI foundation, we prepare the final proposal, detailing the development process and release plan. This ensures our approach aligns perfectly with your vision and the product's design and functionality needs.

5. Weekly Reports and Discussions

Throughout the project, expect weekly updates from Wild.Codes LAB Project Managers and team. We'll keep you informed on progress, risks, and milestones, ensuring you're always in the loop.

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