Modeling Industry

Startup team
CRYSTALS, a UK-based startup, pioneers a groundbreaking all-in-one solution for the modeling industry. Their innovative blockchain-based platform offers advanced features benefitting all stakeholders in the modeling industry and the broader public.
Opting for an ICO strategy, CRYSTALS' initial objective was a swift website launch and the development of their MVP. They turned to Wild.Codes LAB as their product development partner to expedite the process.


CRYSTALS aimed to address industry challenges, such as fragmentation, competition, entry barriers, commissions, payment issues, and fraud risks. Our dedicated team kicked off with pre-workshops to gather essential product insights, accelerating the development process.

With our designer team, we build the product from the ground up: starting with the logo and the brand style. MVP was ready in only 1.5 months due to the well-coordinated work of all product & engineering teams along with the blockchain development team on the client's side.

Tech Stack


Perfect-match team by wild.Codes

Senior  UX\UI designer
Senior Backed Developer
senior Frontend Developer
middle+ QA EXpert
Project manager  (part-time)
iOS\Android Developer
REact developer
DevOps engineer
Node.js developer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Data Science & ML
FuLLSTACK Developer
Java developer

Key Features

  • Search module that helps the client find the best match based on their preferences.
  • Internal payment system based on Crystal cryptocurrency that is used to make transactions inside the platform.
  • Funds depositing systems that keeps money safe until the service is provided.
  • Meetings component allows to book meetings quick and easy.

Key Results

$1,5 mln
ICO Investment
1,5 months
Development Duration
More than 250 beta users joined in 2 months
5 exchanges and wallets integrated via API
Was Presented on a roadshow in the US, UAE, Cyprus, China and other countries
2 663 rows of coin prices are collected everyday to be analyzed

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