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EXMO, a prominent British cryptocurrency exchange established in 2014, stands at the forefront of the digital finance world. Renowned for its ever-expanding functionalities and asset listings, the platform has grown significantly over six years. Notably, its track record is marked by stringent security, with no data breaches or hacks. Known for flexible commission structures and rapid technical support, EXMO operates out of London,  powered by a team of over 150 professionals.
As EXMO's internal teams were preoccupied with the company's core products, they needed external expertise for a new initiative – the Voting Platform. This web application was crucial for enabling user voting on new project listings on the EXMO exchange.

The lead product manager from EXMO placed their trust in Wild.Codes LAB, recognizing a mutual understanding in process, communication, and product development approaches. This shared vision paved the way for Wild.Codes LAB to successfully take on the development of this platform.


The primary aim was to develop a multi-round voting product with an intuitive management interface. Users could participate through Retweets, Facebook Shares, or cryptocurrency transfers to designated wallets. To automate vote tallying, integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and Etherscan APIs were crucial, each presenting unique technical nuances.

In just 2 months, Wild.Codes LAB successfully deployed the platform, featuring a comprehensive voting system and a user-friendly admin panel for EXMO to manage coins, voting rounds, and settings. Notably, the platform's inaugural voting round saw participation from Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent.

Andrey Maevsky
The Wild Web Art specialists works very professionally and on time. Specialists have a flexible approach to development and are always open for communication with customers. The processes are very efficient. The Wild.Codes team quickly adds any of our wishes
Oleg Sergeev

Product Manager @ EXMO

Tech Stack

Twitter API
Facebook API

Perfect-match team by wild.Codes

Senior  UX\UI designer
Senior Full-stack Developer
middle+ QA EXpert
Project manager  (part-time)
iOS\Android Developer
REact developer
DevOps engineer
Node.js developer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Data Science & ML
FuLLSTACK Developer
Java developer

Key Features

  • Friendly admin panel that allows to manage the coins, voting rounds, and other settings.
  • Ability to schedule start and end date for voting round.
  • Automatic vote-counting through integrations with: Facebook API (shares of URL), Twitter API (retweets), Etherscan API (crypto transactions tracking).
  • Multilingual app.
  • QR code generator.

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